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History of the Book of Ezekiel

Ezekiel has 48 chapters and is the 26th Book of the Holy Bible. Ezekiel, the son of Buzi, wrote this Book in approximately 592-570 B.C. He is a prophet of God and came from a priestly family. His Hebrew name Yehezke'l means "God Strengthens" or "Strengthened by God".
In his book of the Old Testament their are parables, signs, symbols and prophecies to illustrate God's message to His exiled people. The key to Ezekiel is "They shall know that I AM the Lord", which is stated 65 times throughout his book. Ezekiel was into details. In his book, he specifies 13 dates unlike any other prophet has or had done.

His wife died as a sign to Judah as Nebuchadnezzar began his final siege on Jerusalem in Ezekiel 24:16-24. Like two other old testament prophets, Isaiah and Jeremiah; Ezekiel proclaims the contrasting messages of hope/fear and another one of criticism/comfort. His commission was to be a prophet and watchman of the house of Israel. He preached and demonstrated God's Truth about the judgment of Judah. He challenged the Gentiles to turn from their evil ways or God would judge them for their sins. He preached God's faithfulness with future blessings for His people Israel. He was a Jewish "street preacher" in Babylon for 22 years and he was called by God to get the people's attention. Just think, he had to lie on his side for 390 days eating only once a day an 8 ounce meal cooked on manure, he had to shave his head and beard, and he had to show no sorrow for his wife that died.
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